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A Love Letter to my Body Part 2: A Holy Breath

A Love Letter to my Body Part 2: A Holy Breath

This follow up to A Love Letter to my Body is featured on SheLoves Magazine today.  Click the link below to continue reading the full article. Do you remember the movie Up? There’s a memorable scene where the old man’s house floats away, suspended by a colorful myriad of balloons. That moment perfectly exemplifies the experience of … Continue reading

The Unfairness of Mercy

the wonderfully talented jenn lebow is hosting ‘mercy mondays’ this month.  i’m joining in for today to chat about what mercy is not. and i’m going to drop an un-christian like bomb: i don’t always like the concept of mercy. oh, i love it on a grand worldly scale.  let’s show mercy to the poor, … Continue reading

What is Saving My Life Right Now

my phenomenally talented friend, sarah bessey, recently wrote a blog entitled ‘in which this is saving my life right now‘.  she invited others to  write out what is saving their own lives right now in an inspired synchroblog. and so here i am. i’m doing this fast and furious, before i chicken out. and i … Continue reading