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I’m 30. And Partying like I’m 12.

I’m 30. And Partying like I’m 12.

Just about every magazine you open from mid-april on has a special guide for how to dress your ‘unique’ body type come swimsuit season. I always find them ridiculously confusing. First of all, it’s two scraps of fabric. I’m quite sure no amount of strategic ruching is going to hide a heck of a lot. … Continue reading

Fitnessy Friday – Cheap Thrills

Since having my son in january, I have not stepped foot in a gym. Not a single toe. I can’t seem to handle the extra step of, you know, driving somewhere. What a hassle. So I’ve compiled a list of essential fitnessy finds for the space deprived, the financially challenged, and the homebodies. You can … Continue reading

Trading One Scar for Another

a few years ago, i had some uninvited guests turn up. they arrived without warning, made themselves cozy, and gave me no indication of how long they planned on staying. my guests took the form of two flesh colored bumps on the side of my face.  and, let me tell you, i put them through … Continue reading

Fitnessy Friday – No Excuses Workout

Hey fitnessy friends! Most of you know I’m a personal trainer. And I know that with these lazy summer days come bottomless pina coladas, heaping piles of cheesy nachos, and glorious double-scoop chocolate fudge cones. So it’s important to balance things out with a little fitness. Why not get in a quick workout before the … Continue reading