Giving Tuesday: Randomly Kind Shenanigans

Today is Giving Tuesday. I just found out this is a thing. It was created by a a group of Canadians (woot woot!) as a response to the frightfully-overdone Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is meant to be a movement to, well, give. Volunteer. Donate to charity. Hug someone. All that jazz. A way to push back against the intense excess that seems to distinguish the four days following American Thanksgiving.

To add some hot fudge to this sundae of generosity, SheLoves Magazine is encouraging random acts of kindness for the advent season. There are so many cool ideas, and I’m joining the fun on Twitter by using the #shelovesadvent hashtag.

So in the spirit of Giving Tuesday and SheLoves Act of Kindness, I thought I’d share some randomly kind shenanigans I’ve fumbled my way through in in the last few days.

1) Randomly Kind Thing that Kind of Stank

I shoved some extra diapers and wipes in my purse and put them on the change table in the family washroom at Target. I included a note because, well, what mother wouldn’t want to read this? I almost burst into tears myself as I stuck it up there (that a whole different post though).

ChangetableI did happen to go in after a grossly stinky infant had been changed, which is the main risk with this task. But if you hold your breath and think of how randomly kind you’re being, you’ll get through.

2) Randomly Kind Thing that Made Me Feel Like a Bank Robber

Although this is heralded as the most rookie of all the acts of kindness, I found myself strangely apprehensive going into this one. The dreaded pay-for-the-person-behind-you in the drive-thru. This one always freaks me out. What if the person behind me thinks I’m hitting on him? Trying to lure him in with hypnotic-smelling coffee and a sensual breakfast sandwich? What if that woman is buying lunch for a hundred of her staff members? And the worst of all: What is they see me? Horrors.

But when I peeped behind me I saw a very normal looking blond woman, who kept swiveling in her seat to talk behind her, indicating she had a gaggle of children and was just trying to get through the day and stay sane. I paid for her tab and screeched out of there like I was making a getaway with hundreds of stolen Timbits. I narrowly missed another vehicle, spilled sugar all over the dashboard, and merged onto the highway before letting out my breath. This one definitely has an excitement factor.

3) Randomly Kind Thing I Did in My Jammies

Giving online is the best invention .  .  seriously. Just click-click-boom (ten bucks if you can tell me what movie that song is from). DONE. Because I made a big effort to focus on international missions last month,  I’m choosing organizations a bit more local this December. Particularly close to my heart are the Kids Christmas Project and Mercy Ministries.

4) Randomly Kind Thing That May Burn the House Down

Oh gosh guys. I signed up to bake. In the spirit of this blessed day, I signed up to bake 4 bakingdozen cookies for Christmas hampers going out to children whose families are in a bit of a tough place. Practically right down the lane from me. For the record: if mine end up looking store-bought, let’s just pretend it’s because I’m awesome. Not because . . . you know . . . they’re from a store.

Well, that’s what I’ve rustled up in the last couple days. There are a boat-load of opportunities this month, and I hope to take full advantage. I mean, that kind of what it’s about, right? Burning kitchen be darned! Do you have any randomly kind shenanigans you enjoy? Would love to hear.

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