Just for Today


Just for today

I don’t want to be the strong one

The one who holds it together

Who keeps the peace

And sucks it up

The one who is counted on, presumed upon and expected to be

* * *

Just for today

Could I leave the sink piled high?

Maybe wallow in a bowl heaped with every sugary confection I can find?

Could I full out ugly cry?

Or yell No! as loud as I can?

To see how it feels?

 * * *

Just for today

Would you mind if I let my fears escape their rigid cage?

If I whispered under my breath I can’t do it

What if I needed to be held?

Would I still be the strong one after all that?

Or would I become the high maintenance one? The emotional one? The selfish one?

  * * *

I know this isn’t me

And I promise to come right back

Just for today

I don’t want to be the strong one


Do you relate to feeling like you need to be the strong one? And fearing that you’ll be rejected if you let a little vulnerability slip out?

I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

6 thoughts on “Just for Today

  1. I so relate to this! Especially the line “could I full out ugly cry?”! Great writing Megan 🙂 Just for today is exactly what I needed to read and hear. Thank-you for your vulnerability.

    • Oh goodness, that means a lot. I was sweating before hitting ‘Publish’. What if no one gets it? Thank you for getting it and for being brave enough to say “Yeah, me too”. It doesn’t feel so lonely anymore 🙂

      • You’re so welcome! I love your poem and completely get that anxiety before hitting publish when sharing your vulnerability! Way to go and push publish 🙂

  2. I love this. Spoke to my heart… So freeing to just let go sometimes and be vulnerable…… And yet scary. I love your words. Thanks for helping us all be brave enough to be real xo

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