May You Feel Seen

mayyoufeelseen copy

Happy Mother’s Day to you who have who have labored

To you who wipe away snotty noses and salty tears with your ratty sweatshirt

To you who read the same dog-eared story (with voices) each night like it’s the first time

To you who stay up late because he just needed to talk

And then rise with the sun to make chocolate-chip birthday pancakes

* * * * *

Happy Mother’s Day to you have felt the emptiness of your womb

To you who endure pokes and prodding until you think you’ll crumple into a lifeless heap

To you who think you’re the problem

To you who put on a brave face when your best friend gets pregnant just like that

And then throw her a shower with bobbing pink balloons and smiling sugar laden cupcakes

* * * * *

Happy Mother’s Day to you who have lost your little ones

To you who scream at God in the darkest of nights

To you who endure sympathetic smiles and fumbling conversations

To you who can’t explain the ache inside

And go to bed crying more often than anyone knows

* * * * *

Happy Mother’s Day to you

My darling my heart my friend

May you feel loved

May you feel honored

May you feel seen

7 thoughts on “May You Feel Seen

  1. That was so beautiful! You wrote the words that have been on my heart and mind today (but much more eloquently!). Thankful for mother’s of ALL kinds today! And a happy Mother’s Day to you Megs, that is one blessed little boy to have you!

    • Oh, thank you so much my dear! Hoping Zach is around today to allow you a little down time. And those kids of yours couldn’t have a better mom than you. You should have like 5 more – well that might be a little crazy.

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