Fitnessy Friday – 5 [Hard} Questions

Today’s fitnessy friday is a little bit different, and I’m super excited about it! I feel very honored to be guest posting at Laura Cavanaugh’s Holistic Body Theology blog today. She sent me 5 ridiculously hard questions on exercise, spirituality, and self-worth. My answers are below . . click the link at the bottom to continue reading over at Laura’s blog.

I would l-o-v-e LOVE IT if you would join in this incredibly important conversation. The relationship between faith and exercise is rarely mentioned in Christian circles. And it needs to be.

5 Questions on Exercise

1) Describe your relationship to/experience with exercise.  If it has changed over time, describe the change.

I started out working in gyms, where I trained women of all ages and abilities. Everything was very focused on pounds lost and inches trimmed. My clients would stare at themselves in the mirror, pinching ‘fat’(actually skin) and moaning about their need to lose 20 or more pounds. I remember being stunned at how disconnected they were with their bodies. Losing 20 pounds would have put many of them in the underweight range. Not surprisingly, I critiqued myself harshly during those years. Clients often choose their personal trainer based primarily on appearance, not qualifications (kind of like how you wouldn’t choose a hairdresser whose hair you didn’t like). I would emotionally tear myself apart when the buffest and fittest trainer got chosen over me again. It made me feel very inadequate.  My relationship with exercise was one of necessity.
But I wanted so much more. I wanted to help women see themselves and dig into their emotional issues. I wanted to talk to them about self-worth and body image and Jesus’ view of His precious daughters– not just perfect push-up technique (which, incidentally, is also very important).
Eventually God led me to a position with Mercy Ministries, a residential faith-based program for young women wanting to overcome life-controlling issues: eating disorders, self-harm, addiction, and abuse. I ran the fitness department and delighted in putting together a well-rounded fitness curriculum. One that incorporated the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of exercise.
My relationship with exercise changed as I worked with the young women in the program. I began to show myself more grace. I started giving thanks to God before my workouts. I was grateful for my body’s abilities and capacity. I also asked God to keep my mind free from comparisons and harsh self-criticism. I wanted my workout to be an offering to Him. That’s what it’s meant to be.

2) How has that relationship/experience affected the way you think about your body and/or your self-image?

Working with women who struggled deeply with their body image forced me to be very conscientious of my own. I became aware of how often I allowed negative self-talk to narrate my day-to-day life. I began calling myself out on it, because I needed to walk the talk. In modeling a healthy example for the girls, I also stopped working out for the wrong reasons. If I was having a bad day, or I felt fat, or I felt I needed to work out because I had just inhaled a Costco sized bag in Mini Eggs, I didn’t compulsively reach for my cross trainers. I went to God first. He became my first line of defense, my healthy coping mechanism. I am the first to admit that fitness is a great stress release. But it shouldn’t be your only one. It definitely isn’t the most essential one.
My relationship with my body took another turn when I wrote A Love Letter to My Body, where I confronted all the dark, ugly words I had spoken over myself throughout the years. It was extremely difficult, but deep wounds began to heal as my fingers flew over the keyboard. I knew I was much closer to seeing myself as my Creator saw me. 

3) How has that relationship/experience affected the way you relate to others?

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3 thoughts on “Fitnessy Friday – 5 [Hard} Questions

  1. How you answered question 1, was the reason why I chose to work out with you Megan, you have a very HEALTHY outlook on fitness and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for those times we worked together =)

    • what a compliment carol. ‘thank you’ doesn’t quite cover it. you were a joy to train and i so enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in your world. you’re pretty special yourself 🙂

      • *blushes* I would love to meet up with you and do a little catching up, so to speak, lol

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