I Belong Here

“God’s definition of creativity isn’t like mine. It’s big. It’s expansive. There is room for me under His tent, where creation, imagination and beauty come to play.”


Creative people are strange, mystical beasts.

Unicorns that live among us.

They paint or sing or act. They play beautiful music, write haunting poetry, create intricate jewellery, and bake decadent desserts with no ingredient I am familiar with. Audiences are brought to tears by their dancing. And their photography sparks animated conversation.

I am fascinated by these types. I am in awe of how they express themselves with such raw emotion and creativity. How their eyes see the beauty in the ordinary. Though I would never admit it, I also see how the world loves them. Even idolizes them.

They are the glamorous types. The big picture thinkers. They paint with broad colorful strokes. We can’t help but stand back and marvel.

I have spent much of my life attempting to mold myself into one of these.

In elementary school, I was determined to become an artist. While I was able to make excellent reproductions of any image, I could not come up with an original work of my own. Asked to draw anything at all, real or imaginary, my page was always left unmarked.

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