Fitnessy Friday – Commerical Break Cardio

Happy Friday friends! I just got back from Ireland and am overcoming some ridiculous jet lag. But i know you need a Friday fitness fix so I’m supplying you with some commercial break cardio. I stumbled across this move-called the ‘feisty fighter’!-and it is fabulous. You only need a resistance band, and after a minute you will be sweating.

Do this move during the commercial breaks of your favorite show – or as cardio intervals during your strength workout -to up the intensity.

Muscles it hits: back, shoulders, biceps, obliques (waistline) & legs

image from

image from

Here’s how to do it:

– Stand on the band with feet wide, knees soft & slightly bent

– Pivot on your right toe as you uppercut punch (with your right arm) to the left

– Quickly repeat on the opposite side

– Keep going!

How easy is that right? It’s hard to find cardio that hits the whole body and this one covers all the bases.

Enjoy 🙂

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