Strength Will Rise as You Wait my Daughter

It was a sweltering day in the middle of August. The kind of day suited to a poolside lounge with a fruity cocktail in hand.

I, however, was nowhere near a pool, or a cocktail. I was pulling up to a green belt—more of a dirt belt actually—that appeared to be the length of a football field.

It was intended to be an ornamental strip of foliage running along a row of newly built homes, standing tight and tall like soldiers on guard. But instead of a lush garden, the next kilometer was chock full of what appeared to be thick bamboo shoots. My father-in-law, the project manager, informed me they were actually weeds. Weeds I was about to spend my day in an all-out wrestling match with. Because, as he painfully pointed out, I had nothing better to do.

I bristled at the pointed honesty, but didn’t argue. He was right.

I sized up my first shoot, tried desperately not to think of the hours of tediousness ahead, and stepped into the ring.

Strength will rise as you wait, my daughter.

I had left my job two months earlier. It was a risky move considering I was the breadwinner for our little family at the time. And considering I take about as many risks as a panda bear.

But, you see, I was in trouble.

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6 thoughts on “Strength Will Rise as You Wait my Daughter

  1. Thank you for your blog! It really ministered to me. I had a very hard day with my work and wanted to throw in my towel. Your words spoke truth to me….I related to your struggles…thanks for the reminder to wait upon the Lord!

    • thanks so much tammy. it means so much that you can relate to the experience. the waiting is hard but the reward is always above and beyond on the other side. i trust today will be a better day for you! much love

  2. You’re story is so encouraging to me! I’m going through a very similar, difficult time to what you wrote about and God is changing my life in a way I never would have done so or even considered to do so myself. Reading about your patience and God’s faithfulness in your life is encouraging and a reminder to me to hold onto God’s promises. thank-you for sharing 🙂

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