To Write Freedom on an Old Racetrack

Not too long ago, God showed up at an abandoned racetrack in the woods.

My companions—some of the most courageous women I’ve ever known—were a handful of residents from Mercy Ministries. I had the honor of walking beside them as Fitness Director for the program.

We were spread out along the trail at Campbell Valley Park, great giant pines stretching high around us, the sun winking through the branches. Squirrels scampered across the mossy path, and tiny chickadees pecked away at seed left by those who’d come before us.

The girls chattered away, thrilled to be out in this God-dusted haven. With their bouncing ponytails and bright smiles, the kindly seniors passing by would never have guessed the deeply painful stories buried underneath those worn hoodies.

As the well-trodden path narrowed to a one-inch faded trail, the trees parted and gave way to a vast open field. The path was barely visible, but we kept on, finally arriving at our ultimate destination: a large paved track.

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