Fitnessy Friday – Getting Stacked

Happy Friday you awesome worker-outers. I recently read about a new workout technique i took the liberty of test running for you.

It’s called ‘stacking’.

So you have a handful of moves. Let’s say:
1 = woodchop squat
2 = superman
3 = lunge
4 = bicycle
5 = reverse plank
6 = push ups

Here’s how it rolls:
Do Move 1 for 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Do Move 1 for 30 + Move 2 for 30 (lower & lift)
Rest 30 seconds
Do Move 1 for 30 + Move 2 for 30 + Move 3 for 30 (15 seconds each leg)
Rest 30 seconds
and so on . . . .

Now getting through this takes about 13-15 minutes. So I added a cardio option which you do the exact same way.

1 = jog in place
2 = side to side uppercuts
3 = skipping
4 = jump squats
5 = mountain climbers
6 = tuck jumps

This will take you another 15 minutes.

Final verdict: this workout method is pretty fabulous!

The work portions are intense. But I love that you get rest breaks. The moves get harder as you move along, which is fine because it’s only for a short period of time. Tt took me less than 30 minutes total and I was sweating like no one’s business by the end. Plus, saying you’re getting stacked is pretty sweet.


getting some air after all that sch-weating

Let me know how you enjoy this stacking technique. . . feel free to make up your own versions with your favorite fitness moves (and tell me if you do!).

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