Hey Good Mom

I was going to get all controversial today. Super soapbox-y. You probably would have gotten offended.

But about halfway through my rant I realized that while raging has it’s uses, it wasn’t the right delivery for what i wanted to say.

So I’m simplifying because there’s something I need to say to you. And to myself. Please note that if I had one ounce technological know how I would have superimposed this onto a cheesy head shot of a pensive looking Ryan Gosling.

Hey Good Mom . . . .


You’re a good mom if you say ‘heck YES’ to the epidural

You’re a good mom if you go without

You’re a good mom if cans of formula line your cupboards

You’re a good mom if you’re fussing with nursing covers and praying you don’t flash anyone

You’re a good mom if your babe wails at bedtime

You’re a good mom if you rock your little one until they drift off

You’re a good mom if you go organic

You’re a good mom if you go Kraft dinner

You’re a good mom if you spank

You’re a good mom if you prefer the time out

You’re a good mom if you’re working a corporate gig

You’re a good mom if you’re a domestic engineer

You’re a good mom if you read every parenting book under the sun

You’re a good mom if you only read People

You’re a good mom if you’ve got your third load of laundry churning away as you read this

You’re a good mom if you can’t recall the color of your floors

Is your little love happy?


Loved unconditionally?

Then guess what?

You, my friend, are a good mom

And, chances are, so are all those mommies around you

So let go of your judgements

Your personal preferences

And give yourself

And those around you

A bit of grace today

Photo Credit: Shannon Delmonico

21 thoughts on “Hey Good Mom

  1. I just found your blog and I have to say that this was very inspirational and all true. Every women and mother will have days where she is feeling on top of her life and others when she is feeling less then adequate. In every situation she is a great Mom. Thank you

  2. Thanks for this. I am literally sitting in the kitchen at work pumping right now and feeling extremely stressed about the fact that I have so much work to do. But this puts things in perspective.

    • oh deanna, i totally feel where you’re coming from. take a deep breath and just do what you can do today. you are a great mom. and seriously, pumping from work??? you are a rock star mom!

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  4. Thank you for writing this great reminder; I needed it! I feel defeated as a mom, in many ways, and inflated in many others. I shared the link Kelli posted on K-LOVE’s site, with my M.O.M. group, and also with my MOPS Int. group, so thanks for the great reminder, on their behalf as well!

    • i’m so honored hannah. thank you so much. i needed the reminder myself, and it makes me feel more normal when so many others stick their hand up and say ‘me too!’. so appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂

  5. A friend of mine shared this on Facebook. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly. I haven’t done half of the things I wanted to do before I had my daughter. And I’ve done more than double the number of things I swore I’d never do. I had to adjust my life to my girl. Not her to me. At the end of the day, I’m her mom…no one else is. No one knows my little girl better than I. Thank you for putting it out there. I have been feeling kind of beaten down by my parenting decisions recently. I have done the best I can do and what worked for my family.

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