Fitnessy Friday – Full House Workout

I am luring you into fitness today with the promise of a full house workout. Unfortunately for you, these moves have nothing to do with looking as rad as D.J. Tanner. But fortunately for you, this workout can be done while watching reruns of my (and yours . . . admit it) tween obsession.

All you need for this workout is a deck of cards. I used a BOSO but all the moves can be done without one.

fulldeckHere’s your key:

Hearts: jump squats

Spades: dome side down bosu push ups (or regular push ups)

Diamonds: BOSU crunches

Clubs: plank row to rotations

King: skip 30 seconds

Queen: 1 leg balance – 30 seconds on each side

Jack: jog on BOSU (or in place) for 30 seconds

Ace: speed skate 30 seconds


So shuffle up the deck. Let’s say you draw a 10 of spades first. That’s 10 push ups. Then a 3 of diamonds. That’s 3 BOSU crunches. Then a jack – you jog for 30 seconds.

Feel free to sub in exercises you enjoy. The beauty is that your workout is always changing. It should take about 30 minutes to get through the deck. If you’ve got energy for a lengthier workout, increase the cardio portions to 1 minute.

Happy Fitnessy Friday peeps!

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