Fitnessy Friday – Work it Out Tonight

this post is a wee bit late today because i was testing out a workout for you!  i just finished.  literally.  there may be sweat on my keyboard.  i stumbled across it on pinterest.  it takes 30 minutes, requires no equipment, and you will WORK, let me tell you.  as an added bonus, it’s totally possible to watch tv while you are huffing and puffing your way through it.

it’s not too late, so get to it!  you’ll be done in half an hour (if you do two sets).  scroll to the bottom for options if you’re a beginner, or if (like me), you recently had a child and the jumping jacks prove problematic after about 5 seconds.

At Home Circuit Workout

mix-it-up options:

– if jumping rope is something you last did in grade 3, don’t use a rope.  just “air jump”.  you’ll never miss.

– do the push ups from your knees.  also try breaking up the 25 into smaller, more manageable sets.

– i switched the jumping jacks to high knees because it was easier on the bladder situation.

– instead of jumping rope, sub in any type of cardio you fancy.  dance party anyone?


you’ll thank me later 🙂  happy friday!

2 thoughts on “Fitnessy Friday – Work it Out Tonight

  1. love this workout Megan!…..i’m on vacation in mexico…..and happened on this blog….worked perfect (seeing the hotel’s gym is quite sucky!)…..did a short run first to warm up…..and just finished this on my balcony:)
    thanks!…..will keep doing this during the week….(every day will be friday!)

    • thanks so much julia! i quite enjoyed it as well 😉 i’ve got a new one i’m posting tomorrow that i think you’ll do great with too! good for you for working out in mexico–it’s exhausting working out in that heat!

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