A Necessary Feast

i am linking up with the beyond fabulous tina francis at she loves magazine on the theme of ‘feast’ today.  during the month of november, tina has issued a call to dive into the cornucopia of blessings in our lives and offer them up to each other as a verbal banquet of sorts.

i have been feasting these last few days.  not spiritually or emotionally.  i have been taking it more literally and physically feasting.  and i have not been taking the time to savor.  i have been escaping.  tuning out.  sitting in a little pit of tears and crusty french bread.

but more on that later.  i’m not ready to lay all those cards out on the table (at least not without blubbering all over the keyboard, most likely leading to some type of electronic explosion).  the point is, i need to revel in a real feast today.  a celebration of the life and love and twinkle lights that are in front of me every moment of every day.
so without delay, here is a teensy tiny representation of the glorious feast-worthy moments in my life rightthisveryminute:

1) loooong time friends who let me cry it out over heaping cookie dough dip laden graham crackers

2) an uber-talented sister who effortlessly captures gorgeous moments like THIS of my most divine little boy

3) simmering sweet potato cauliflower soup on my stove making me feel like i may get this housewife thing down one of these days.  or years.

4) comfy white armchair +steaming cup of earl grey vanilla + Jesus calling devotional + little stinker disrupting the whole thing and that’s fine by me

6) lounging in wired monk for 5 hours dreaming up some big old dreams with two awe-inspiring-truth-telling-Jesus-loving women

7) rain pounding against the rooftop + cinnamon bun candle wafting through the kitchen + golden bridge-to-terebithia type tree outside my window = fall at its finest

why don’t you join this feast of thanks with me?  you can link up right here.  or you can just tell me the bits of life bringing you joy today.  it’ll make you feel super.  promise.

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