Posted in October 2012

And So I’ve Been a Wuss

did you know the word wuss is actually in the dictionary? i thought it was just slang.  but here it is.  in the honest-to-goodness Merriam-Webster: wuss definition of wuss: wimp synonyms: softy (or softie), wimp, weakling (also wussy) antonyms: powerhouse i’m dropping this knowledge on you because i’ve been a bit of a wuss these … Continue reading

My Nougat-y Center vs My Judge-y Candy Shell

my little one is now 8 months old.  he is the epitome of all that is sunshine and moonbeams and rainbows in my world. which is lovely. and horrifying. see, i never thought of myself as being overly maternal.  when i was pregnant i proclaimed that i would most definitely be going back to some … Continue reading