Fitnessy Friday – Cheap Thrills

Since having my son in january, I have not stepped foot in a gym. Not a single toe. I can’t seem to handle the extra step of, you know, driving somewhere. What a hassle. So I’ve compiled a list of essential fitnessy finds for the space deprived, the financially challenged, and the homebodies. You can still get in a sweet sweat session. My current top 5:

1) The Nike Training Club App

Seriously, if you have an iPhone, dowload this app RIGHT NOW. It’s FREE. And it’s awesome. You select a workout based on your goals (for example, “Get Strong”) and your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). Although workouts like “Drill Sergeant” are only 30 minutes in length, they will challenge you every second. There are videos of every move, and a ridiculous amount of options. Love it. Love it. Love it.

2) Dumbbells

Yes, I know. Dumbbells are pretty basic. But in terms of bang for your buck, you just cannot get anything better. They work everything. The set above is available at Canadian Tire for $39.99.

3) Gliding Discs

Getting in quality cardio is always an issue when you don’t have a lot of space. Or $$$ for a fleet of machines. But these discs solve all those issues. And since they make no noise, you can watch Glee without slowing down your workout in order to hear the TV (not that I’ve ever done that – I mean, I’m a professional). Anyway, you just glide (hence the name) back and forth, kind of like a speedskater. And they pull double duty – you can use them to beef up your regular strength moves by adding a disc to your lunges, push ups, etc. Available for either carpet or hardwood, they can be purchased here for under $20.

4) Jillian Michaels

I have to admit, i am a Jillian fan. It’s fabulous to see a fitness instructor actually focus on form (a huge novelty). The thing is, if you don’t know how to perform a move correctly, you risk injury. That is something Ms Michaels obviously understands. And that is why hers are the rare at-home video option I recommend. Her 30 Day Shred video features three 30 minute workouts.  You will want to die the first few times you do it (darn you, jumping lunges), but stay with it. You can find many of her DVD’s, as well as bucket loads of other workout videos on for $10 and under.


So this is the most pricey item on my list.  $135 may seem steep for what looks like an exercise ball hacked in half. But this is another of those tools that can be used for cardio and strength. For cardio, you use this as you would a step (but with a greater balance challenge). You can even run in place on top of it. Ror your strength workouts, start with squats or shoulder presses while standing on it. The instability of the BOSU means your core muscles have to work HARD to keep you on it. If you need to increase your workout intensity, this is an awesome purchase. Find the bosu of your dreams here.

Hope that gives you some ideas with how to pump up your home workouts on the cheap! I would love to hear some of your faves.

Have a super duper weekend fitnessy friends!

2 thoughts on “Fitnessy Friday – Cheap Thrills

  1. Great suggestions, Meg. I would add to your list a skipping rope… making every other interval high-knee skipping really gets your heart going. Also, is great (if you don’t mind all the booby-shots).


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