Fitnessy Friday – What to Do with a Ball? Part 2

so last week we started learning some beginner moves on the stability ball (click here to have a look!).  if they were brand new for you, keep at them for at least another month before trying something a bit more advanced.  it’s so important to learn to do exercises with excellent form – that way you get maximum results and prevent injury.  if you’re already familiar with the stability ball, i’ve got a few intermediate moves for you today.

intermediate stability ball moves

dumbbell chest press with crunch

– lie with stability ball resting in small of back; holding dumbbells, both elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle (an ‘L’ shape)

– press the dumbbells up, contracting your abdominal muscles as your upper back lifts up and off the ball

– keep your eyes on the ceiling (or pretend there is a grapefruit under your chin!) as you return to start

aim to do 12 repetitions


– place your feet on the ball, and walk out until you are in plank position

– contract your abdominals

– using your abdominal muscles (NOT your legs)  pull your bum up as high as you can (think of your bum as the top of a triangle)

aim to do 10 repetitions

*note: if you do not feel this in your abdominals, build up strength in that area by practicing a regular plank for a couple weeks.  only then progress to pike portion.  you need to feel it in the right area to get results!

ball balance

– begin with hands on the ball, slightly wider than shoulder width apart; knees are bent, resting on the ball

– roll forward until your feet lift off the ground; keep your abdominal muscles tight

– as you continue to roll your knees forward, walk your hands backwards until they are on either side of your knees

– when you feel ready, straighten into an upright position and lift hands off ball

aim to hold pose for 1 minute

*note: do this move in stages.  get super comfortable on all fours before straightening up .  also, make sure you are in an  area that has a padded floor.  if you are experienced with this move, consider adding dumbbells to do bicep curls or shoulder presses (my personal favorite!).

hope this has given you some fresh ideas for your workout!  have fun and happy friday!

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