Happiness Is . . .Cake Batter Dip, Whitney, and Camping in a Forest of Books

Because sometimes you just want to look at something pretty, here are five things that are making me giddy today:

1) Whimsical camp out

My hubby went camping the past few days. I showed him this photo and suggested this is how I would prefer to camp. Only one hiccup: what to do about the s’mores situation?

2) Pride & Prejudice Scarf

This gorgeous infinity scarf is imprinted with words from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I swoon.

available on etsy

3) Irish Countryside

My hubby and i just booked a getaway to Ireland for next year.  So i’m obviously rhapsodizing over this glorious photo.

4) Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Yes, you read that correctly. Cake batter. My sister passed this delightful recipe on to me. Just 3 ingredients – I made it in 1 minute flat. And it’s goooooood!

If you’re wanting to try it, head here

5) Whitney Houston in The Preacher’s Wife

Ok, so this is a bit of an older movie. And yes, it’s slightly disconcerting that she falls in love with an angel (even if it is Denzel).  But when she sings “I Believe in You and Me” .   . .it is just . . just . . . just listen to it.

2 thoughts on “Happiness Is . . .Cake Batter Dip, Whitney, and Camping in a Forest of Books

  1. Love, Love, Love everything about this post. (Except I’ve never seen the Preacher’s wife). Hubby and I had planned a trip to Ireland in October but now it’s on hold. boohoo. So maybe I’ll just have to live vicariously through your pictures next year 🙂

    • Thank you so much Rebekah! Ireland on hold . . that’s no good! But I totally understand . .we’ve been ‘planning’ to go for about 7 years. So thrilled you enjoyed it

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