Posted in July 2012

The Essential Practice of Nothing

i had a goal yesterday.  to do nothing. for 15 minutes. and i failed.  miserably. i bought groceries.  cleaned the house.  answered emails.  fed my son.  changed diapers.  i watched TV.  made phone calls.  i organized an upcoming trip.  worked out.  ran errands.  had my sister over.  i ate standing up.  i read.  i fretted.  … Continue reading

The Day We Messed with the Supermodels

Have you noticed that there have been a crazy number of celeb photos being made public these last few months?  Photos of celebs prior to being retouched.  Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss have all been victim to having their regular selves (in airbrushed make-up, strategic lighting, and killer heels, of course) released to … Continue reading